Indiana, behind the times? hahahaha


I was at the filling station (Speedway) at Washington and Emerson the other day and a teenager was hooking at the gas pumps (at around 2pm). She was young, she looked ill, and she was hitting on a middle-aged guy in a pickup truck/SUV (who I think went off with her). God forbid we should care for kids after they are born here in this state, get them good jobs and an education and safe, healthy (not McDees class) food...

"Tamper-resistant outlets have internal shutters that readily accept electrical plugs but can prevent children from shocking themselves. More than 2,400 U.S. children are injured each year after sticking metal objects such as keys or paper clips into the sockets, according to the electrical foundation.

“Indiana (often) is behind the times when it comes to life safety,” said Pike Township Fire Marshall Steve Jones, a supporter of the mandates. “Indiana routinely ignores parts of the National Electric Code because of the financial concerns of special interest groups, like the builders.”"

Ya? Surprise surprise.